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Be the change of the change

  • By admin
  • May 7, 2015

Be the change of the change

Innovation is the most innovative word of today.

Market research has come to the ultimate stage, where innovation with science can be the only wonder left.  Like the Big Data, the data that follows you.

Various market research techniques are developing, various software (like, Tableau Software), various models, are building up the change in market research. The change can keep one outstanding from other.

We run from one project to the other, binding the clients within. Starting from the research planning to the analysis work to the vendor pitch to another new client search; the cycle of the project has no gap in between for an innovation. There is high requirement for breaking the cycle of projects and keeping a space in between.

The research process should be experimented more. The research and development time as well as budget should be given a deeper attention. For that every research company should experiment in taking risk. Innovation rarely happens if the risk factor works less.

New innovative technology and methods wrestles with the unexpected needs.  As an industry, we must build budgets and new projects to explore new possibilities, by taking risks.  But the problem with building a new project is the way to execution. However, the projects maintain a chain system that rarely brings the conversation into place.

A lot of innovation happens from the fieldwork and technology providers. The designs and techniques they innovate, are although managed from the top level executives, are seldom pitched with newer approach. A proper recognition is expected from the top level to get the projects done. So create not just dialog with the technicians but appreciate their newer approach.

There has been many a time that the brand name has “sister companies” as said today. They keep themselves away from the brand to innovate and introduce in the market. They might be called antibodies. This antibodies work to publish the new ways. Suppose, if a team from Facebook separates to find some more innovation in their approach, then this antibody has a lot to do in the bay.

The traditional market space will accept the change if we try to bring some change in our market research industry. Willingness of investing time, resource effort towards change may involve a lot of risk, But again this risk should be forced to be taken, whether you like it or not.

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