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The changing face of money expenditure by global consumers

  • By admin
  • October 31, 2014

“World at the click of a button” aptly describes the current scenario of the global market. The increasing popularity of technology combined with the comfort of delivery at doorstep for customer satisfaction has been shaping the expenditure patterns of global consumers. There is also another factor which fuels this trend, the ever busy work life schedule of most consumers. Currently, the money inflow of consumers has been inclined towards some of the specific industries.

The first industry which is churning in huge revenues due to these trends is the consumer goods industry. The huge discounts accompanied with lucrative deals seem to draw a lot of attention of the consumers. A recent study reports that the expenditure on consumer goods have gone up to USD 10 trillion in United States. The food and beverage industry is also receiving a heads up in the recent times. The opening up of wide range of options due to online retail and the growing health consciousness is driving the industry to its success charts. The busy work life schedule and growing in mental stress has increased the trend of weekend travel plans. These short holidays help individuals to ease out on the stress and clear the mind and soul. This ongoing trend is gearing up the travel and tourism across the globe. Decreasing transportation costs and comparable prices of accommodation with multiple eatery options is making people opt for these getaways to relax and rejuvenate. The last but definitely not the least industry which is benefitting from the strenuous life and the new diseases cropping up across the globe is the healthcare industry. The unhealthy lifestyle, increasing pollution, unbalanced eating habits have resulted in many new diseases in all countries and people are spending huge amounts not only to stay fit but also to lock in the beauty.

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