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Is your company making use of Marketing Research?

  • By admin
  • October 18, 2012

Although there is a set of new products that get launched in the market every day, all of them do not perform well in the consumer market. As a consequence of this, the profitability of the firms connected with the same suffers. This is exactly where the role of marketing research has been realized by the new age firms. Since profitability is the ultimate goal of every business, the role of marketing agencies lie in analyzing the behavior of the target market and the prevalent trends so that they can give feedback on the type of products and services that will be instantly accepted by the market and businesses will make considerable profit as a result.
You will be able to understand the importance of market research when we showcase the primary benefits it serves. In a nutshell, we can always say that the ultimate aim of marketing research is to conceptualize and generate improved business strategies.

  • Technical aid to new companies

New companies that plan to make a commercial launch of their products in the market can only expect profit when they are aware of every fundamental of the market place. Marketing Research delivers time tested reports on the same that cover points like demand of such products, supply status, industry bottlenecks, previous performance reports of similar such things launched by contemporary firms and assumed market reaction on the would-be launched product and service.

  • Analysis of consumer mentality

Consumers are the only source that can make or break businesses. In absence of proper knowledge on the consumer attitude, firms have bleak chances of witnessing profit. Here again the role of Marketing Research has been acknowledged. Various agencies undertake an extensive survey in evaluating the patterns of consumer market, the trends being followed by them and possible threats that they may throw towards the businesses. Hence, when firms streamline the specific needs of consumers based on these scholarly reports, the chances of success become more or less sanguine.

  • Estimation of competitor activities

Right after the consumers come the competitors that determine the fate of every business. Therefore, certain things need to be tracked on a regular basis, such as the performance of competitors, their recent activities, plans and procedures implemented by them and intimidating factors that they are facing. The feedback generated by marketing research serves as a guideline for businesses that in turn help them to design their plan of action and reduce the chances of meeting unforeseen dangers.

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