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Lead Generation Outsourcing By Web research company

  • By admin
  • June 23, 2016

Introduction – A Hypothetical Scenario

Not so long ago, companies relied on word of mouth promotion according to Web research company Market Quotient. Such is not the case today. Advanced technology through globalization and liberalization has brought the world closer together.

With the help of a hypothetical scenario, let us delve down the recesses of time. Suppose, 100 years ago:

  • You were a successful merchant in the shoe trade.
  • You have made a name for yourself through excellent craftsmanship and workmanship.
  • Your business primarily deals with word-of-mouth promotion. In fact there is no way for you to reach out directly to your clients, except by personally telling about your product to each potential customer.

In such a scenario, if you wanted to expand your market, or start off a trade in the neighboring city where you are not much known, how would you have done it?

  • Would you have kept on working hard in the hopes that the people of the neighboring city would accept your craftsmanship for what it is and give you the adulation you deserve?
  • Or would you be too afraid of failure and hesitant to start out?

These are the only possibilities that come to mind. Why?

Because there would have been little else that you’d have been able to do.

Two Forms Of Marketing

This is not the case today. As per our Web research company, the modern age provides you with facilities and amenities that did not exist before. You could essentially reach out to your targeted customers and potential clients through the internet or a phone call even if you have never met them in person.

Passive Marketing:

Passive marketing techniques through social media and blogs have been found to augment sales by making your web presence more feasible. If you build up your web presence, it could in consequence build up your reputation. And reliability is what all companies look for in their potential business partners.

Active Marketing:

Direct marketing is especially useful when you have a product or service to sell. The probability of a sale increases if your B2B prospects know you. It doubly increases if you know the targeted prospects that you should be reaching out to.

Lead generation services which our Web research company Market Quotient caters to could put you directly in touch with your relevant prospects. In addition you would be receiving several exclusive benefits:

  • Reduced cost rates.
  • Better evaluation of your present results.
  • Outsourced professional work with the right technology mix.
  • It will help you start your sales campaign sooner due to adherence to deadline schedule by Market Quotient.
  • Time saving.


At MQ, we deliver what we promise and this is what sets us apart from any other Web research company. We have had some of the best companies in the world partner with us for precisely this very reason.

Reach out to us today to know how our B2B lead generation efforts could help you enhance your business.

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