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Market Research Survey – Stepping Stone for in-depth Business Insight

  • By admin
  • October 8, 2014

Market Research survey predominantly refers to the gathering of opinions and responses regarding a particular product or service line based on which various strategic and business decisions are formulated or made. It deals with analyzing a market in terms of various parameters like customer acceptance, targeted customer base, feasibility, growth trends and such like for a product or service. Market Research Survey is very helpful in scenarios where a new product needs to be launched, analyzing the different products within the similar line, competitor analysis, forecasting growth trends and much more. There are different types of market research surveys prevalent in the industry. It can be done by manually filling up forms or questionnaires which are handed out in public or taking it up online by submitting the responses over mail or by any web portal.

The market surveys pose to be beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it helps in understanding the market and its needs and tallies it to the performance and properties of a product. This allows the verification of the fact that whether a product is fit to survive in the market. It also helps in indentifying the competitors of a particular segment of the market and their product specifications. Pricing structure for product or service can be efficiently determined by studying the similar line products and services which enables the correct profit margins and prevents unwanted loses. The market survey not only focuses on the profit potentials but also helps to understand the potential hindrances in the market and the hiccups related to policies and law and order of a market. Hence be it the gathering of proper workforce for production or appropriate marketing strategy formulations, market research surveys contribute heavily in the production and promotion of products and services.

Market Quotient undertakes multitude of survey programming every month. These include customer projects with faster turnarounds to high- end B2B surveys that depend upon the web and computer aided telephony. The highly developed survey programming laboratory, which is well equipped to handle complex surveys with convenience, offer tailor-made web survey services. Market Quotient even offers the clients the privilege of tracking the progression and status of surveys conducted by the company once they start working with the company.  Market Quotient has emerged as a successful name in winning client reliability. It aims at providing unadulterated customer feedback that would help in boosting the ROI of the client firms. The company has hands down professional expertise in providing realistic survey programming feedbacks and detailed knowledge on the plethora of survey marketing instruments that have made it competent enough to develop some of the finest web based marketing survey programs for some of the renowned global players.

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