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Online Retail Market: Hear Out

  • By admin
  • November 25, 2015

As we are on the Thanksgiving week, I can’t help but think about how thankful the market research companies are to the internet prone retail companies.

Since the online retailing is growing at an unparalleled rate, we expect an emergence of wider use of smart phones, broadband availability and internet penetration. This is a generic statement that any research firm can predict. Apart from the generic statement anyone cannot calculate the reason or the factor that boosts the online retailing market. But we can.

Following shows how Amazon has categorized sale.


Being a market research firm we have done several projects wherein –

♦We have built strategies, rather effective strategies, stressing on different stages of a product life cycle.

♦Competitive analysis is a never-so-tough-job for us. Analyzing competitors according to the product placement, price, popularity, has always satisfied the client of Market Quotient, to the most.

♦A company is better off with a SWOT analysis, which Market Quotient is profound in.

Research has no bar. We have done projects wherein we have researched on consumer’s shopping habit. Online buying has given consumers a chance to sit home and buy. We have studied these trends as well. We have observed the latest trend on the growing sales of online retail market. Following is a small example of it.


Domestic players reach out to online customers via internet. Since the vivid use of smart phone has advanced the knowledge, customer get a chance to compare, choose and be more aware. Whereas the company get a chance to study the customer more keenly, elucidate their preferences, retain customers, and build models to attract new customers. To mould it all, Market Quotient helps the companies to redefine their company and make it customer friendly.

The comprehensive blog is not the decisive prove of our work. We customize our work for our clients and make it healthy for their company’s growth.