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Why Small Businesses Need Effective Virtual Assistants?

  • By admin
  • September 7, 2018

You would have often considered the question of whether or not to recruit additional help when you own a small and medium-sized business. You may face trouble every day while dealing with common administrative tasks. This is a typical problem every entrepreneur often complain about, whether you are starting out, trying to expand your business or simply want to become more efficient and organized. Spending precious hours on small and repetitive tasks is actually wasting your precious hour, and to get freedom from this, you actually need a virtual assistants. This assistant will take care of your all not-so-important tasks while you can focus on your core activities of expanding your business footprint.

According to a study, almost 50 percent of startups flop in its initial years following incompetence. Therefore, entrepreneurs always try harder in every viewpoint to push their business to become successful. While you juggle with all types of possible efforts to expand your business, employing a virtual assistant will take care of your distinctive business needs without investing on building a solid office workforce. Yes, we know that you have already started thinking “Should I hire a virtual assistant or an in-house one?”

Here we have chalked out a few important reasons why every small business needs an effective virtual assistant.

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  1. Save your money

Like your time, your money is valuable, right? Therefore, employing a virtual assistant is much more cost effective (less than $10K) than appointing an in-house staff member (average $39K).you will be able to see a marked increase in your productivity and sales once you have offloaded most of your time-consuming tasks to your virtual assistant.

  1. Time for productive works

delegating less productive and repetitive tasks can help you save one-fifth of your productive time in a day. This means a full working day in a week! When a virtual assistant manages your repetitive tasks, you would have more time for making your business more successful. Therefore the best way to free up your time is outsourcing virtual assistant services.

  1. No recruitment hassle

comparing with hiring an in-house assistant, appointing virtual assistance is an easier choice to lighten your workload. If you outsource a virtual assistant, you don’t need to train them. This not only saves your cost but also your valuable resource search time.

  1. Use on a need per basis

There are companies, which don’t have much work for a full-time assistant. If you outsource them, you can use this assistance as per your need. Through these, companies also have the flexibility to customize the number of work hours you need the assistant for.

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