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  • February 3, 2016

We are all familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare, aren’t we? Like how the hare challenged the tortoise to a race, how the tortoise accepted and finally how the tortoise won the race? Theoretically, it should not have been possible for the tortoise to win. All the odds were stacked against him. However, he did win and by a good margin too.

So How Did The Tortoise Do It?

Let us analyze this story in much more detail. How did the tortoise win when there was already a probable champion in the race?

The reason is that the tortoise kept on moving. He did not stop. The hare stopped. The hare went to sleep. The hare became overconfident. The tortoise didn’t.

The tortoise knew that he had no special ammunition. He had to trudge along.

Progress: That is what the tortoise relied upon.

What If We Employ The Same Situation In The Business Scenario?

Have you not noticed how several companies get such great starts and keep on doing well when BOOM! The cracker bursts and there goes their business! Limp like a deflated balloon.

Now where did these companies go wrong?

Just like the hare, these businesses underestimated the tortoise, namely their competitors. These businesses felt that they were self sufficient units and could carry out on their own. This is where they went wrong.

Instead of relying upon the modern methods and techniques of data analysis, they chose to stick to the same old technique of trial and error.

Result: Failure.

So How Does One Grow One’s Business?

  1. 1. Build your contacts – You should have a ready list of contacts at your disposal so that communication becomes easier and implementation faster.
  2. 2. Grow your own network – Try to connect to all viable people who could help your business grow as well as to all other individuals who are doing the same work that you are doing.
  3. 3. Delve into the market scenario – Carry out market research to understand the prospects of an industry as well as trends in the business cycle.
  4. 4. Stay updated – I cannot emphasize the importance of being up-to-date. Nobody relies on one who is obsolete.

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