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Trends In Grocery Shopping!

  • By admin
  • December 4, 2015

We have seen a drastic change in the consumer packaged goods industry, which has defined itself digitally. We have seen the revolution which is more of silent evolution in the global market. Lines between the real and virtual worlds are blurring. Shoppers are harmonizing to the benefits of digital retail settings and they have begun to expect them in groceries as well. Cagey retailers are able to implement advanced technology which has enhanced shopping experience and are able to meet consumers’ growing desires.

Online grocery retail has become economically viable in more markets than most people think. With the upcoming competition, operators will learn to adapt, survive, and thrive in the Digital Retail Market. In order to overcome the online threats, the established retailers will have to strategies their business’s capabilities.  Those who have defeated their online threats will potentially eliminate the inconvenience of grocery selection. It helps the consumers to shop more quickly as compared to a trip to the grocery store which is most difficult. The Consumers who are used to traditional way of shopping and has a habit of pantry-stocking trips, online grocery stores can potentially remove their drudgery. For others who are not so bored of physical shopping, online grocery will most likely not attract them until super-fast delivery becomes reliable and feasible and ordering processes are more closely harmonized with how households really buy food.

The 2015 trends in U.S. Grocery Shopper are observed to be distinctive in important mealtime shopping. Food retailers can find an update in the long and short term trends which is distinguished with FMI, as follows:

By checking the food culture more closely, technology-driven online grocery solutions can eventually earn a greater share of shoppers. Grocery shopping is changing forever. Market Quotient has seen the following changes:

♦Consumers are shopping for beverages and food across multiple channels.

♦Private label is gaining popularity.

♦Shoppers want more product line.

♦Fresh produce is a main driver for consumers in deciding where to shop.

Despite knowing the fact that selling perishable goods online is far more difficult than selling non-perishables items. It is an entirely different ball game with low-margin and requires expensive investments to build high-end IT infrastructure, an efficient supply chain, quality warehousing and storage facilities, and an efficient delivery system, which is again, varies from place to place.

Market Quotient services is there to lit up all your essentially in grocery industry like an efficient supply chain management or proper database contacts or customize your requirement according to your need. Don’t forget to drop in.

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