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3D bioprinting of tissues and organs. *Innovation*

  • By admin
  • March 25, 2015

The major innovation in the area of biology is the 3D functional living tissues. 3D has played its role in the IT, Engineering, Animation, Art, Manufacturing, Movies, etc but this innovation in biotech has done wonder to the eyes. Studies say, that recent advances has made 3D in reality, it’s no longer a fiction. Technologies are making their stand in biotech and medicines.

Different types of human cells are kept in the 3D bioprinter to print a living organ tissue. 3D bioprint tissues can be used to test drugs and can live upto 40 day outside the body.

Though 3D bioprinting has already been used in generating and transplanting several tissues, like multilayered skin, replacement of bones and functioning prosthetics


Doctors can build a model of a tumour outside the body after a biopsy of the patient’s tumour. This model can be kept to test the different drug regimens that will suit the patient.

Focusing on drug testing, small patches of tissue are printed that damages kidneys or livers.

It’s difficult to think, but factually it works like ink-jet printer. The printer takes out clusters of human tissue instead of ink, using cell from the patient’s body.

Human cells are grown from biopsies or stem cells, then the cells are put into special printer which will be arranged in 3D by cell type just the way it appears in human body. Once the arrangement is correctly done, it fuses and gets organised into collective system.

Technology is transformational. It is getting wider day by day. Scientists have never stopped trying. They wish to get a 3D printed heart and a functional human kidney with more innovation and invention.

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