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  • By admin
  • March 23, 2015

Connectivity has played wonders with people in every corner of the world. The world has a social media platform where from tweets, statuses, pictures, paragraphs can be shared and interlinked. People share their stories of lifestyle, their new experience, their innovation, their voice, their photography, even their bio data in different fields of social media. Nowadays, most business deal starts at social media sites. Business pages, with numerous followers, have a new identity to the world. A business page is an entity as well as an identity.

Now how to engage the followers in your page? How to attract more new people to the page? And above all why do so?

The solution is blogging. And finding a reason for attracting customer is: to give a wider exposure of the company. Every company is a client serving company. So to aware the customer, one has a short cut of building a company website or a company page in the social media.

Statuses have become main stream and are carried out by many. Blog is a newer opportunity of the marketing tactics.

  • Block the traffic with your blog: Your website can draw a huge traffic through your blog. Blog articles have to be something relevant to your website. Interlinking keywords in the article leads the audience to the landing page. This gives a wider exposure of the website to the customer. This is how one can block the traffic engaging the audience in his blog.
  • Blogs increase your SEO: Categorize the key words that you want your business to be found with. Google and other search engines signify the website with keywords and topics on the website.
  •  Brand name establishment:  Writing blog about one’s service or product can give the customer better knowledge of the product. Brand names are magnificent when there are many competitors. Well written articles can give you a leading position in the industry. Customers can make you the source of your knowledge.  Apart from that, daily updates make the audience trust the company with its service. Trust is something that a company needs to earn along with its brand name.
  •  Blog sharing in different sites to build relationships: Consumers can be connected through blog writings. This is because website commitments last longer than any other social network posts. Sharing the blog in different social sites give a broader reach of the company. Interactions and discussions results in the positioning of the website in Google search.

Thus blogs can keep your company name to the first page of the Google search.

Market Quotient believes one should never stop learning. Writing blog makes our website healthy. It helps us to explore, grow and enrich our knowledge, in the field of market research and analysis.

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