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B2B E-Commerce Has Become An Instant Delight !!!

  • By admin
  • April 30, 2019

In today’s world of B2B e-commerce, customers in US have spent an approx of 514 billion dollars online last year. So, customer’s affinity towards the present day ecommerce platform is quite undeniable. Maintaining a B2B ecommerce portal is evidently more complex than the B2C ecommerce. All forms of intricacies can easily be solved by modern B2B ecommerce platforms – so now, B2B brands of all sizes are looking to optimize their ecommerce channels for sustainable growth over the next decade. Some successful examples of B2B ecommerce portals are: General Electric, Polycom, V-Belt Guys, Baby Tula, Chocomize etc. If reports are to be believed, the B2B E-Commerce industry is expected to exceed the one trillion dollar mark by 2020.


1. Reach out to more people (more customers)

What is a better way of exposing out your company profile and connecting with your targeted group of consumers, manifesting your catalogues etc. This is a space where millions of people can access your offerings over a short notice of time.

2. Improve your sales (profit efficiencies):

The proper modus operandi in this, can help your business elevate and fathom the peak of success overnight. By offering relevant suggestions to your customers and encouraging them to purchase related and more expensive items, one can increase their sales time to time.

3. Multi site capability (Scalability):

Opening new sales channels for reaching new market segments is a strategy which is being widely acclaimed in today’s e-commerce world. Launching channel-specific or co-branded e-commerce sites is quite common in the environment now. These capabilities allows you to offer multi facilities for your targeted clients and extend your networking.

4. Cost effective process:

Methodologies like – order entry, client information provision and customer service can help cut down on unnecessary costs even while your business efficiency is well maintained. Needless to say e-commerce is the perfect platform for businesses who want more revenue generation than their cost input.

5. Get customer feedback:

When dealing with an e-commerce business, the pivotal is to gain customer’s trust; and that can be fetched through customer feedbacks and reviews. If a company is liable enough to build that kind of relationship with its customers, then there are high chances of customer retention. Regarding Market Quotient, we do have recommendations from several international clients.

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