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Behavioural Segmentation Of Consumers

  • By admin
  • April 2, 2015

Behavioural Segmentation Of Consumers

May it be a Christmas or a New Year, Annual day or birthday, we need occasions to buy. Buy as in? Buying clothes for oneself, for family; cookery, accessory, cosmetics, and all that is possible; even a new cell phone to make the occasion more festive.

This is behavioural segmentation. Consumer’s decision depends on the behavioural segments. Marketing management is studied over time with consumer behaviour. Behavioural segmentation is studied on the basis of population based consumer behaviour, the mass response to a certain product, and also the knowledge about the product. The following factors affect the buying condition more effective:

Buying on occasions

We find chocolate companies segmenting according to the festivals. Dairy Milk celebrates Indian festivals like Diwali, Raksha bandhan by customising their product. Similarly, different food junctions, retail houses, come up with various food festivals, offers, discounts, according to occasion. These products are basically showcased with the customer behavioural segmentation.

Again products like wedding jewellery, costume, are made such that the customers remember the brand when it’s the wedding time. Retail analytics take the behavioural segmentation as one of their models.

Benefits sought

Marketing analytics is a wide term. Innovation has always provided a bigger name to the marketers. De-segmenting a product according to their benefit, can provide the marketer with a better view towards the population and their requirement individually.

Products like toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, provides different categories which distinguish the population into several segments, thus satisfying almost every individual.

Loyalty –

Word of mouth plays a huge role here. Suppose a hospitality segment, like hotels, restaurants, airlines, try to serve their best to retain their existing customers. These existing customers can acquire their company new customers. Here word of mouth plays its role.

The customer base increases according to the loyalty of the existing customers. The customer base is created through the loyalty.

Even a consultancy firm like us believe in growing our business like this: First, is to achieve new customers and second is to retain the existing customers.

Market Quotient, is a market research firm, which budge around different marketing models according to the projects. The study of different aspects of the customer behaviour is critically studied by Market Quotient and portrayed in the report the client fetch.

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