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Booming Boom of Online Shopping

  • By admin
  • October 14, 2014

Call it demands of the time or supply of the human brain, shopping no longer is a tedious process. You no longer have to take your time out from your busy schedule and travel all the way to your favorite store; or painfully describe the sellers about the exact details of that pair of jeans you want; or face their push-selling for unwanted items (and have the strength to convince them of a clear “NO”); or ask for a discounted price and get rejected; or carry your loot the entire way to home. No, it’s not so difficult anymore. For every single thing you want to buy, there is an online shopping option open for you now!

In the month of July 2014, the Bansals of Flipkart became billionairs and “nearly as rich as Infosys co-founders”. The recent-most controversy about the “Big Billion Day” on Flipkart was all about a one-day online sale, reportedly celebrating the site’s earning a billion dollars revenue before Diwali! A while back, Flipkart had actually bought off the big online fashion destination Myntra. The demand from online shoppers on 6th October 2014 – the day of Big Billion Sale on Flipkart – was so overwhelmingly high and unforeseen, that not only did the site crash due to heavy e-trafficking, but the suppliers fell short of enough goods to be supplied. (Of course, the competitor rivals, both real and virtual, weren’t too happy with the aggressive discounts being offered, but that’s another story.) Among Indians and Asians, Flipkart continues to be the dream online business.

Such is the boost of e-commerce that Indian biggies like Flipkart and Snapdeal chart among the topmost business making franchises. Recently, the ‘Economic Times’ reported about talks of the International e-commerce giant Amazon wanting to buy off the Indian fashion giant Jabong. The stores “on the land” are taking this “off the land” craze as a serious threat to their businesses and are rapidly setting up their websites. Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Westside and the like are joining in too. And, it’s not only apparel, but almost everything ranging from furniture, books, and electronic goods to gold/diamond jewelry and sports equipments are available online!

It has become all the more convenient for the consumers because of the advent of the highly mobile technologies of smart-phones and tablets. Just on the tap of a finger, people can add things to their shopping cart; and on another tap, they can actually complete the entire payment process! In fact, one doesn’t even have to always make light of their credit/debit cards to place an order. One can just choose the “cash on delivery” option and, well, the order is placed. So, let’s face it, it is this very effortlessness and utter ease involved in online shopping that’s making it so popular with all and sundry.

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