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Would you adopt E-SIGNATURE or you await your Customers?

  • By admin
  • September 10, 2015

Hello Businessman! Are you forgetting something? Some files that need signature to be done yet! Did you not get the notification or the reminder for the signature?

Yes we know that you have enough things on your plate, this is why companies have something to show you! So that you can see a cleaner plate! How does this work now? Have you heard of e-signature?  Of course you have! The B2B market space is building up things faster than the consumer market. In terms of closing deals, top sales organisations are paid more attention, and more importance is given to their signature, there arises e-signature.

But why e-signature?

🙂 Since time is a priority, e-signature users can save time and even build clarity in customer acquisition. There is a record of 6.4% annual improvement in customer retention in companies who have adopted e-signature whereas there is a decrease of 1.3% among people who have not yet adopted.

🙂 A general cloud storing record can digitalize the management activity.

🙂 The corporate revenue growth can speed up and not stay-in-hold just for a signature. 21% companies who are best-in-class incorporated e-signature into their sales applications like CRM.

What can Market Quotient do?

Since Market Quotient is a research firm, it keeps a capability of pleasing both the parties in this context. It can help the businessmen find the right e-signature company among so many, or it might help the e-signature companies flourish.

Market Quotient can build in a proper research for the e-signature companies and help them find their priorities, find their competitor, the new trend that the other companies are building, get them a out of box strategy so that they can rejuvenate in the market place.

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