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Working In Private equity and venture capital

  • By admin
  • September 1, 2015

Private equity and venture capital asset class had a successful 2014, with a nourished market condition. As the general content investors and cash-rich fund managers continue, 2016 is believed to be potentially strong. The significant challenges are though faced by both General Partners and Limited Partners.

The following are the things that Market Quotient noted in the 2015 trend of private equity and venture capital:

  •  🙂 General Partners will likely seek to adapt older investments.
  •  🙂 There is an increase of 29% in investments in life sciences and 77% investments in software companies.
  •  🙁 The existing energy portfolio companies may be negatively affected in short‐term.
  •  🙂 Lower energy prices may boost economic activity through attractive acquisition/refinancing opportunities.

Market Quotient has studied the global market and has found few relevant points to discuss:

  •  🙂 US investment is believed to be continuing at similar price and pace; the middle market being the strongest interest.
  •  🙂 Europe has a notable increase in buyouts and venture capital exits. They might present cheaper opportunity although the economy would be sluggish.
  •  🙂 Asia has a large increase in exits due to maturing investments in the region and easier access to IPO market in China.


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