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Customer Service Has Gone Digital

  • By admin
  • August 26, 2015

The way customers seek information is not just a note worthy trend, but a tripping point. Technology has made 42% of global population to use smart phone which is supposed to get increased in every passing year. For every industry, now, consumers expect an accurate answer, a time consumable service, an online detailed content, etc.

Research says that smartphone users will engage shop and communicate with brand accordingly. We have seen brands like Starbucks and Citibanks involving its service line to promote customer loyalty, using the mobile experience.


Industries are growing to customise and regenerate according to customer requirement. Industries are building more call centers to buy the brand reputation from customers as 90% of problems get solved by call centers, whereas with web services there is a fall to 70%.

There is a requirement of virtual agents to provide a relevant and contextual response instantly apart from a call centre.

7 out of 10 business leaders find it very critical for to succeed in customer experiences. There are 88% of the leaders who think they provide excellent customer experience, wherein only 8%customers think likewise. So the customer expectation is misjudged.

Brand that has a consistency in better customer experience for the past five years has a cumulative return of 22%. There is a tendency of poor customer experience in the near future, that would put a financial impact.

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