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  • By admin
  • August 24, 2015

Healthcare has been a very wide sector, to cater for. Market Quotient tried to procure this particular sector tracking the US market over social media forum. Like the tweets that we have followed for few years, gave us a chance to discuss about: the happenings in healthcare as well as the communities that mostly participated in Twitter.

The most relevant topic over twitter posts that we came across were:

 🙂 Anti-Administration

🙂 Supreme Court Ruling

 🙂 Obamacare/Affordable Care Act (ACA) Perceptions

 🙂 Healthcare Jobs

 🙂 Healthcare System Perceptions

 🙂 Healthcare Statistics

 🙂 Personal Healthcare Issues

The basic search criteria or keywords or phrases that millions of people tweet, showed a strong association between public and the posts mentioned above.

Prior to Affordable Care Act (ACA) announcement of the Supreme Court, in early June, the partisan discussion mover towards the growth in health related jobs. Twitter activity has shown a spring up in healthcare jobs topic from the beginning of the year.

Apart from that we tried to find out the community participating here. With a certain model we approached. We clustered the individuals in different and distinct groups, concluding to the following groups: healthcare thought leaders, Centrists, Progressives and Conservatives.

How the twitter posts on healthcare increased from 18,000 tweets per day to 130,000 tweets due to the ACA decision, has changed the healthcare sector. Though this does not bring any wide change, but the discussed topics over twitter can bring in a decision to work on in the healthcare sector.

With the Twitter posts “#healthcare” and “#hiring” has shown a huge plunge along with Obamacare and SCOTUS, with a larger participation among political partisans. We found a decline in the healthcare thought leaders. The following table shows the change.

The discussions have got not only data but information on a deeper analysis. We do not forget to dive into the ocean of internet where we can get the information that would add some value to your company.  We keep ourselves ready for every industry with professional under one roof.

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