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Emotion, The Ruler of Consumer Choice

  • By admin
  • August 11, 2015

Here in India, we’re gearing up to celebrate August 15th, the day that everyone signifies India’s independence. 15th August, as a symbol of independence or freedom, has a lot to do with the Indian’s emotions. The Indians achieved their “aazadi” back in this date. And this is celebrated in India with a deeper value and a national holiday.

In reference to this, companies and brands take their chance to present themselves in some new look. They take a chance to meet their consumer insights. They pick up various marketing ways to promote their products, attract the consumers and do a brain storming to best utilize their “aazadi” day. Retail analysis shows their effect, the most, as counted by Market Quotient.

This is the true story of Indian market, and most other country’s market, where marketers place themselves according to the festival. But when we dive deeper and look beyond, we gain better depths of a consumer insight.

Like,the brand tale has always taken a preferable place in consumer’s mind. They chose, decide, and get attached with the brand, and values them accordingly. Customer engagement has always played a wide role in the history of building a brand name.

Brands celebrate “aazadi” in the name of tradition. Amazon,  Snapdeal, and many more has already come up with their biggest sale tag in posters, papers, direct mails, messages. This is an approach that almost every retailer shows towards their customer.

Like, a survey showed that, most Indians are unaware of festival like “Rakhi”. Consumers get to know that the festival is arriving from the promotions over television, mostly of Cadbury. Thus a consumer has a smooth tending towards the box of chocolate, when they chose a Rakhi gift.

Emotion is an “unknown” yet “powerful” entity of consumer behaviour. More than a mood, the key driver of customer decisions is emotion, to drive a customer’s decision, action and experience, travelling every stage of the purchase life cycle. The following shows an estimated consumer’s behaviour before, during and after making a purchase, for some particular brand.


If brands chose to not prefer the traditional demographic side, but the emotional side of consumer behaviour, they might reach a deeper insight of the consumer understanding, as counted by Market Quotient.

Market Quotient has ready professional to execute the PLC cycle of a product, noting a consumer’s behaviour towards the product through various strategies and models. A  neat market research followed by  proper analysis and finally presenting it with customized report writing , Market Quotient do it all. This would definitely give a company to find a better strategy to improve the product.

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