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How to value a Company?

  • By admin
  • August 20, 2015

What is value? What is attached with a product that determines a consumer’s decision making process?

The core values that is common across organizations of different industries:

  •  🙂 A healthy work life for workers.
  •  🙂 Commitment to the outer environment.
  •  🙂 Contributing to society with corporate social responsibility.
  •  🙂 Establishing equity program for employee.
  •  🙂 Encouraging employees to give the best and take initiative.
  •  🙂 Pursuing the creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
  •  🙂 Acting with honesty and honour without compromising the truth
  •  🙂 One should take care of the company and the customers as they were one’s own.

Beyond internet shuffling, besides word of mouth, consumers judge the product by its value. Surveys have shown consumer embracing ethical practices of the brand, acknowledging the product. It is appreciated by consumers. This increase the company value as well as the brand name in market. Thus making a place in consumer’s wallet.


Through Market Quotient data survey, it is revealed that consumers’ purchasing desire depends partly on companies that exhibit favorable values. Consumers get influenced to the value-based decisions easily in terms of identifying this kind of company or in terms of selecting that product which adds value.

Consumers invest in the companies that they can trust on, brand that harmonizes the company value, brings in strong relationship with consumers and have a richer connection with shoppers, delivers a strong customer experience and reaching the consumers with their deeper insight.

Yours learning about brand relationship or customer’s emotion is not the main thing that can enrich your name. Customer’s experience, customer insight, demand and the purchasing desire of a customer plays the dynamic role here.

We being a market research firm can be your soul mate, your partner to get your company’s revenue graph give a rise. Market Quotient, has experienced different industry, different firm, has build various software to satisfy their customer. And they believe in serving customer like their soul mate.