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Facebook Research and Development

  • By admin
  • June 30, 2015

Facebook research and development proved again with the rainbow drenched profile pictures over Facebook which is the most spectacular thing over social media. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Friday for the same sex marriage has made Facebook come up with this approach. The profile photos are overlaid with the rainbow filter, indicating a celebration for pride. More than a million people has changed their profile picture to rainbow-colored, in the few hours.

This extraordinary event was another study to know how solidarity spreads in networks. This weekend, many people on social media showed their feelings of being happy with the decision. Few network scientists think it to be an experiment done by Facebook few thinks it to be a study and few thinks that to get an attention of the users or to understand the collective action over the social change online, Facebook’s research of “Celebrating Pride”.

Data scientists of Facebook have attracted public and have become a wide medium to express joy, sorrow, love, pride, occasion, etc. Thus this medium of social media has attracted public and known users very closely by tracking their moods and knowing their behaviour through votes.

The effectiveness of campaign over profile images started since 2009. The twitter users supported Iranian protesters by making their profile pictures green and turning the Facebook location setting to Tehran. And the trend followed until today more than a million Facebook users supported the Supreme Court’s order.

This is one way social media get along with people and their lives and the data scientist extract the data to find a better living. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites have numerous data for a retailer, investor, educationist, Health care industry, IT and every other industry existing.

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