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India prefers to invest in real estate than that of stock market

  • By admin
  • April 15, 2015

India prefers to invest in real estate than that of stock market.

Indians mostly prefer investing in real estate than that of stocks! Stocks are basically a risk initiated investment, where you have a tendency of losing money or getting a high return. Whereas real estate fetish you with a high return, always. As India is a developing country, there is a lot to be done over infrastructure as well as real estate. Indian economy has a faster growth with a simultaneous increase in real estate.

Research says that there will be a tremendous increase in price for real estate. Land always appreciates! So an investment in real estate will always bring in money initiating no risk. But real estate consumes time to find a buyer to sell off the property. This increases the difficulty level of the investor.

But from the last 2-3 years real estate have started to saturate, whereas stock market is rising with the political interface, with the upcoming companies and industries.

So it’s high time to invest in Indian stock market than that of the real estates.

Real estate is a kind of corpus fund ie a permanent fund kept for later use. This corpus of funds is indifferent from stock market. Real Estate is a salaried way of getting paid wherein your rent will be paid to you accordingly. But in stock market all your salary will be the resultant of your anticipations and calculation.

In case of stock market the investment can be increased and decreased as per the individual’s wish, but this flexibility is not seen in real estate.  In purchasing a property, one has to flush out all his money in stamp duty. So every property you buy, you have to flush in your money for stamp duty; while your investment in stock market does not provide you with that trouble of stamp duty.

Stock Market investment is possible with a very small amount of money, but this small little money won’t be enough for a real estate investment. Moreover, the revenue earned from stock market will let you re-enter the stock market whether the amount is small or big. But thinking of purchasing of some property will warn you to role your eyes over the bank interest rate.

There are many more which can distinguish the real estate market from the stock market. Investment has always been a hard decision. But once the decision is taken, some guidance is required to keep the decision accurate. Market Quotient can play that role and guide you with proper strategy, proper model. Market Quotient is ready to take all that tension for you, to provide you a better living.
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