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  • By admin
  • July 8, 2015

The fastest growing technology in today’s world is the mobile technology. Health care system is also adapting to the IT like the other industries. Mobile technology and healthcare has thus made more new customers. Most consumers are heavy users of IT though it varies from topology and industries. Countries have upgraded IT in various forms. Retail industry is the most closely associated industry among all.

How is the demand of Healthcare service through IT?

Consumers prefer the online tools and mobile applications to assess various industry services.  The following segmentation shows the consumer’s attraction for mobile healthcare:


There is a rapid growth in mobile web technology, the innovation and the vivid use of mobile phones, has given the healthcare sector a shift. Mobile technology has proved the high possession rates, the capability, and flexibility for better compliance and adherence. The big challenge for mobile healthcare sector is yet to suffuse the industry.

The gradual possession over years shows the technology change in consumers.


There is a lot that can be done with healthcare market and IT. The following are few:

  • Mobile technologies can support the health care professionals to serve their patients better. A virtual visit would soon replace home-visits. There is a wide scope for the healthcare market. They can provide a 24*7 helpline with health professionals resembling a call centres. There would be practitioners monitoring and responding to incoming flows of data and optimize care-coordination.
  • The bio pharma industry is embracing mobile innovation through mobile apps. Apps are fostering innovation, managing pipelines, and transforming the drug development process. Through virtual mobile research, labs have been streamlined. Various apps enable data collection, analysis, data transfer. The apps support new research models as well. This has built efficient staffs and enhanced the flexibility by expanding access to data and sharing resources and tools. This can be well done with more data analysis.
  • Kiosk based consultations, virtual consultations and transmissions of biometric data can help create the need for networked health record. Retail outlets have a chance of getting associated with care organizations, individuals and integrated network, proving the emergence of healthcare to the society.

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