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MQ’s Industry and Market Analytics Services

  • By admin
  • January 24, 2014

In order to analyze the growth rate and future scope of an industry, Industry and Market Analytics are carried out. Among its Business Research services, Industry Analytics is an important sector where Market Quotient (MQ) specializes. It measures the overall performance of an industry on the basis of long-term trends and economic conditions. Studying an industry and its market is the first step taken before embarking on a new project.

The MQ team, as analysts and solution-givers, makes sure to have a comprehensive knowledge of the contemporary scenario before approaching the clientele. The team consists of a small, though highly competent, group of experts who have efficient knowledge in the application of Analytical tools. They are very unique and unbiased in their approach.

The general points (which are also found here on the MQ website) studied by the MQ team in carrying out Industry Analytics are:


Market Quotient offers the solutions keeping in view of the constant competition faced by an industry. Since industry is very closely related to its market, so Market Analytics comes up along the way. The probabilities of success of an industry depend on its market. The incomes and expenditures of an industry depend on the supply-demand dynamics of the market. So, if separately seen, there is a thin line of difference between the two. But, one seems to be a necessary pre-requisite for the other. A sort of inter-dependency works here.

Following are the general points MQ examines while doing Market Analytics are as follows:


Hence, the products and services that Market Quotient offers ensure that the clientele have the best set of solutions that’s both cost-effective and productivity-augmenting.

Under Industry and Market Analytics, Market Quotient provides the following services:


In addition to this, extremely personalized (primary and secondary) research and analytics services are provided, as per requirement of every individual client. Thus, Market Quotient remains to be a favorite among the clients it has served.

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