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MQ Services for Competitive Intelligence

  • By admin
  • February 28, 2014

Just as the name suggests, “competitive intelligence” refers to the knowledge of performing well under tough competition. It is one of the vital Business Research services offered by Market Quotient (MQ).

The MQ team has been long engaged in the Business Research field to have acquired a diversified expertise on its every aspect, including competitive intelligence. The dedicated team recognizes the thin line of differentiation among the various branches of research and analytics services and understands the impact of each of them in the context of industrial management separately.

The process followed by MQ in Competitive Intelligence involves

• gathering of information about competitive firms
• determining the relative position of a firm among its competitors
• SWOT analysis of rival firms
• inferring latest trends of the target market
• identifying the lacunas of the firm
• devising appropriate strategies that will help the firm in surviving and staying ahead in the competition

Industry veterans feel that in the year 2014, for increased growth, the firms dealing in competitive intelligence shall follow more strategic research and analysis, concentrate on small towns and other regions, take up a realistic approach, invest in building better channel dynamics and catch up with latest technologies like smart phones. As the first two months of 2014 comes to a conclusion, from the trends as far observed, it can be clearly said that MQ is on the right tracks.

The various competitive intelligence services that MQ provides are as follows:
Competitor Analysis
• Company Analysis and Profiling
• Buyer/Target Lists
• Benchmarking Studies
• Pricing Research and Analysis
• Need/Gap Analysis

Now the reader at this point might as well ask that why should the client choose MQ for the competitive intelligence services. Then, here is what working with MQ additionally offers a client:

• updated information about the progress and activities of the competitors in the industry
• absolute privacy, which happens to be a crucial requirement in providing competitive intelligence services
• services delivered within the deadlines
• efficient and reliable services
• high professional ethics
• neutral and highly reliable research reports

Owing to the above advantages, MQ has attained the trust of its esteemed clientele, which include top corporations and research firms, over a long period of time. It is MQ’s knack for perfection and attention to minute details that has earned it a good name among its customers. Hence, the MQ team is true to its word when it promises its clients, “Save Money While You Make Money”.

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