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MQ’s Information Support Services

  • By admin
  • March 5, 2014

Information Support services refer to the services that take the help of internet to generate relevant information or data. With such a large number of websites on the network, it is a rather difficult job to pick out the bona fide website providing relevant and authentic data. The Market Quotient (MQ) team is very adept at differentiating a genuine database from a counterfeit database. The team works with a very advanced system that acts as a sieve and filters the data both in matters of relevance and authenticity. These knowledge management systems also help in the segregation of the data in an utmost comprehensive manner. The final output, thus, becomes very easy to understand and use for further analysis and decision making.

MQ’s Information Support services, additionally, gives the customer advantages like huge quantity, great quality and rapid delivery. The team does an efficient work at the quickest interval of time so that the clients can derive optimum benefits from the data. Each portion of the Information Support is handled separately by the MQ team. Some of the components are as follows:

• Setting up the computer systems
• Providing technical support
• Installation of software
• Implementation of the software
• Customization of the software
• Comprehensive management of the database
• Supervision of the workings of the systems
• Solving technical problems, in case they arise
• Updating software with time

MQ’s Information Support services are high-quality, cost-effective and punctual. While the MQ team puts maximum effort in data mining and segregating, it also keeps in mind the value of time and the requirement of speed. The team is very efficient and reliable in dealing with projects of importance and urgency.

The various Information Support services that MQ provides are as follows:

• Designing efficient business plans
• Building detailed contact lists
• Country wise data collection
• Gathering economic data
• Studying feasibility of country, sector, industry, etc
• Generation of quality leads via LinkedIn and others

Needless to say that, in case of a project requiring utmost expertise and trustworthiness, MQ is one of the top choices among customers. In fact, the dedicated team of the firm checks the relevance and correctness of each and every data entered into the data sheet both manually as well as in house built Quality Check software. Thus, data entered are almost hand-picked by the team-members and selected piece by piece for further analysis. This meticulousness is the reason why customers prefer MQ for services in Information Support most of the time compared to its competitors.

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