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  • By admin
  • August 3, 2015

To reach the level of effectiveness, Market Quotient follows these steps for nonprofits organisations:

  • 1. The research objective should be well-defined.
  • 2. The primary research cannot be escaped, it would carry the deepest of the deepest data, which can be nourished to valid information.
  • 3. Data has to be analysed, studied with secondary research, to give a proper structure to the primary research.


Now, the information that is depicted from primary research as well as from the other sources, are the marketing information system. MIS or Marketing Information System uses equipment, people, procedures to sort, collect, integrate, evaluate, analyse data and distribute accurate and timely information to key marketing decision makers. Unlike marketing research system, MIS is a planned, routine process that involves in an internal report system, a market intelligent system, and an analytical marketing system.

Thus, market research is a part of MIS for any non profit organisation. Nonprofits manage and disseminate the marketing information. This gives an effective and quick service to the clients. MIS can provide instant information while studying the environment. Market Quotient designs an optimal MIS to gather information from every activity and every section of nonprofit organisations.

The MIS works with 4 systems of data management: Market intelligence system, reports making system, Marketing research system and analytical marketing system.

Market intelligence is the collection of information via primary or secondary research or via other sources.The other source may include, information from television, magazines, newspaper, radio or listening to client.

The internal report system includes the collected information from sources, submitted by people within the nonprofit, like the financial data as well as people who make presentation to individuals or groups outside the nonprofit. This records the information about past, programmes, and other reports.

The market research system deals with the collection, various models for various analysis, report writing about the objectives of the survey. This work is basically done with efficiency and knowledge by the Market Quotient, with a handful number of efficient employees.

The analytical market system organises the general data, analyse them, and generate reports with the assembled market research.The organisation collects data and transfers it to information giving a special outcome to the report.

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