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Service To E-Learning Business

  • By admin
  • July 30, 2015

E-learning is no doubt a competitive advantage for today’s business. The industries that require an early E-learning knowledge are the hospitality and tourism industry. People are in need of service and proper training for this kind of industry.
Hospitality/Tourism has the highest levels of staff turnover and skill shortages, where there is a requirement for developing skills and employment knowledge. This can enhance the service line, quality of product making the customers satisfied.

Advantages of E-learning are as follows:
• Learning is lower cost in e-learning than that of the traditional training methods.
• Higher productivity.
• Technology aided solution customised for hospitality/Tourism industry.

Market Quotient has equipped its service line for the E-learning institutes. With proper research and knowledge, Market Quotient has built it’s database and research papers for the e-learning industries, segregating every industry. Market Quotient does the competitive analysis to make the websites aware of the market. MQ can provide the industry and market analysis of the industry. Market Quotient tries to innovate the ways to approach every sector.

  • Course Material:
    Market Quotient has the professionals who can build the content of your course, course structure, course syllabus, as well as the material. Along with course materials Market Quotient can provide the updated news, reports required for any sector of the e-learning website.
  • Multimedia Component:
    Video plays one of the very important roles in illustrating the course. A proper establishment of multimedia in the website as well as the mobile media will give a transitional rank to your website. Apart from that, there should be an online helpline for the customers to get it going.
  • Innovative course design:
    The course designing is one impeccable thing which needs a lot of hard work behind it. We can study the competitor’s capability and help you come up with innovative designs, anything that can make your website attractive and take you a few steps ahead.
  • Viewing experience:
    Since the world has become time savvy, we have made sure that the customer is satisfied without a complaint. The tablet or smart phone should have the whole material required. Market Quotient can provide you the various designs that your customers would like to get accustomed to. The viewing over a tablet or smart phone should be uniform. The content would let customers scroll smoothly without a zoom in/ out, giving them an enjoyable and fruitful reading.

The learning program targets to enhance the reach and accessibility of the learning material and with strategic development.
Not only can Market Quotient reach out to the audience, it can also successfully provide a desired learning experience, that will fit in the needs of the learners.