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Survey Programming in Market Research

  • By admin
  • April 7, 2014

Survey Programming is a quarter part of the ‘Market Research’ process. Now, what exactly is ‘Market Research’?

Very simply, a research of the market is ‘Market Research’. Market Research is essential for all firms operating and hoping to succeed in today’s world. It basically refers to the acquiring of thorough knowledge after detailed research about the firm’s target market and the threats and potentials associated with that market. Without this knowledge, a firm can’t survive the tough competition that the present world offers. Based on this study, the businesses design market strategies which help them to take economically and socially efficient decisions.

Market Quotient (MQ) has gained a good name in the field of Market Research also. It follows a general process flow, as given below, for all market research projects.

1. Survey Programming
2. Survey Data Processing and Analysis
3. Open Ended Coding
4. Presentation/ Report Writing

This blog-post and the next three blog-posts shall be explaining the concepts of the above four processes. Maintaining the queue, this article is going to discuss the idea of “Survey Programming” in some detail.

Survey Programming is basically the designing of suitable computer programs for carrying out surveys over the internet. It has become popular over time with the developing technology. Net-based survey programming has made data collection a lot easier. The minimum requirements of time consumption, measuring equipments and physical travelling have made it very popular among business houses.

Among customers also, Survey Programming has gained fame because it allows them to multi-task while participating in the survey. They can do several other jobs on other windows or tabs and can come back to the survey intermittently as per their work schedule. So, while it aids in the customization of the surveys, it also aids in the convenience of client participation.

The MQ process of survey programming consists of the following:

• Researches of various types, like, customer research, employee research, competition analysis etc
• Miscellaneous services like building questionnaires, analyzing data, survey administration etc
• Studies of all kinds of industries and markets of diverse sizes/types

MQ gives customized solutions that guarantee faster pay-offs along with high-end business-to-business surveys based on the web aided telephonic communications. Our portfolio of services includes primary survey programming services like:

• CATI based programming
• Net based surveys
• Generation of online reports
• Rending quality assurance
• Providing rating instruments for online audios and videos
• Providing shopping carts for consumer convenience
• Reporting daily activities of consumers

The MQ team comprises of professional experts who create realistic survey programming tools. The highly skilled team has used its knowledge of the huge store of survey marketing instruments to build some of the finest survey programs. The members of the MQ team concentrate on making interesting online surveys which promise maximum responses from consumers.

At Market Quotient, they aim to provide unadulterated research results to help their clients in boosting their ROIs. It also empowers its customers with technical skill sets to face and solve challenges. MQ has served some of the foremost global companies in survey programming and has won the trust and reliance of its clientele.
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