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The Attraction of Millennial generation!

  • By admin
  • October 15, 2015

Millennial generation, better known as the Generation Y(born in 1980-2000),is the first generation to give some wonders to modern technology. This wonders were never bound to a certain industry. From software to gadgets, to car and its accessories, the influence of millennial knowledge is expressed. For this generation, technology is a trend. A strong preference for technology-tinged products is noticed in the market place.

On this contrary, millennial has a strong preference for perfection. Spending time over technology, we have got a chance to see more wonders in this world. In case of buying something new, we see millennial choosing strong technology over time. Market Quotient observes the automobile industry closely. The opportunities and challenges that the automobile industry faces, the rapid growth, the technology that keeps them ahead.

Market Quotient is a Generation Y research hub that gives a perfect ting of holistic research along with technical support and customized work. Customization is a different attraction to every millennial. Their love for unique belonging reflects their indifferent personalities.

Even they choose cars that suit their personality. A car is not just a vehicle to them. It is their personality. This is the reason for which, the car interior matters to them more than the exterior. The different styles matters, the color, the customized look matters, to keep it unique.

Apart from the viral web research, this says:

  • 🙂 Volkswagen’s sales increased by 0.6%
  • 🙂 A record growth of Subaru
  • 🙂 An electric car to be released by Apple in 2019
  • 🙂 Driverless cars will get competition from General Motors

Market Quotient can help you to figure out the cost price, the revenue, the gross margins, the export import consumptions, the supply demand, the manufacturer’s list, anything that an automobile industry research requires to do in today’s world.

Market Quotient estimates that the automobile industry will get an indifferent demand rise. Generation Y/ millennial are supposedly the loyal customers. According to Advertising Age magazine, it is anticipated that millennial will have over $10 trillion to spend in their lifetimes. Consumers (between the ages of 17 and 34) will be spending over $200 billion per year, in early 2017.  Since technology and customization is what millennial look for, Market Quotient targets to provide service to this automobile industry

It is time to start focusing on the most sophisticated, highly educated, tech savvy, and demanding consumers. Millennial are willing to spend more on technology in customizing their cars. Being a market research firm it is time to focus on this generation, it is time to focus on this industry.

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