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To Serve The Massive Open Online Course Market

  • By admin
  • January 15, 2016

‘MOOC education is survival of the fittest. Every student is just one insignificant data point while the course is running. You perform well, perform poorly, struggle, drop out – no one cares. But when the MOOC algorithm calculates the final ranking, the relatively few which scores near the top, become very much visible’. The MOOC’s market has experienced a huge growth in the next few years. Technology is assured to see valuable uptake due to the growing number of connected devices, the huge acceptance of MOOCs around the globe, high enrolment rates in MOOCs and the increasing demand for high quality, low cost and globalised education. Consumer devices such as smart phones, tablets and wearable gadgets are currently enjoying high adoption rates across the globe. MOOCs are now able to provide higher education through distance learning due to increased number of connected devices.

MOOCs have the potential to reform the corporate learning industry. Not only the MOOCs will flourish across education & learning sector but their growth will also contribute to the demand across many industries especially wireless infrastructure, cloud computing and big data. The IT sector will also enjoy huge growth through widespread implementation of Big Data to derive maximum value from the valuable data collected through MOOCs and Cloud services for the seamless delivery of MOOCs no matter where you are located. MOOC platform allows evaluation of the performance, upgraded education technology and networks so that the highest level of customer satisfaction can be accomplished. The inability of colleges and universities worldwide, to meet the global demand for education through the new campus development, and the presence of reliable online learning technologies, are becoming the driving forces of the MOOC market. The colleges and universities who are unable to meet the global demand of education through new campus development and the presence of the reliable online learning technologies are becoming the driving forces of the MOOC market.

Demand for technology in education has sparked a revolution in the online learning segment. MOOCs can be much more than edutainment and marketing. MOOCs are likely to emerge into a scale business, which depends on the technology and data support to individualize and optimize learning opportunities for millions of students. MOOCS offer university level courses without the need to complete an entire program of studies, and are becoming increasingly popular across the globe.

Following presents MOOC’s growth graph by Market Quotient.

The biggest challenge for MOOC is the difficulty in adopting server-based resources or a secured IT infrastructure. Market Quotient can help you to achieve any of them. The company continuously innovates and remodels the present architecture to build more proficient and advanced information systems. Market Quotient’s researchers have found that a MOOC company should rebundle the value propositions from non-credit to credit bearing courses, which will also challenge institutions to re-think about their roles in the Higher Education ecology. Know more with us because we stay updated with every industry.

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