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Global Aerospace Industry Outlook 2015

  • By admin
  • July 20, 2015

The overall global aerospace industry is more likely to grow in 2015 due to the commercial aerospace sector. As the demand for air travel is increasing, the aircraft equipment are improving by dramatic innovation in their intervention. The navigation technology has enhanced the aerospace industry with fuel efficiency. With the demand for air travel and the necessity for fuel- efficient aircraft, the commercial aerospace industry tend a rising graph in the near future.
Over the past few years, the higher utilization of aircraft, selling out of more number of flights, has made us estimate the growth of aero industry in the following years…

Since then the industry started, when it landed a man on the moon; it went supersonic developing on aircraft, and finally transporting over a billion people per year.
With changing technology, satellite communication, internet shopping, the industry has changed. The commercial aircraft industry is improving with the changing technology.

The commercial aerospace will continue to cater the need globally making the travel cost effective, safe, over the long term. The annual production level of commercial aircraft is anticipated to increase significantly by next decade. With the significant increase, we expect 2 distinguished trends and challenges
• Entrance of new global competitors.
• Impact on supply chain.
This will be the global aerospace industry Outlook 2015. New improved technology which would be less expensive to operate, possessing improved and new technology preferred by passengers, will determine the competition in the aircraft industry.
Market Quotient estimates that the aircraft supply chain would continue to flourish, in order to gain economies of scale. An anticipation of competitive pricing in supply chain is most noted by 2015. Know more with us.