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  • By admin
  • December 29, 2015

Few years’ back solar power was a groovy little niche industry in the broad field of energy generation. But few changes took place over the last couple of years which boosted the demand for solar power. There are possibilities where solar power will challenge and out-compete other types of energy.

There are valid reasons why PV solar power is such an attractive energy source. To start with, it is extremely clean. Solar panels are typically guaranteed to perform for as long as 25 years and produce electricity without pollution or emissions, which plays a part in global warming. The process of creating the solar panels themselves is also extremely clean. As PV solar energy is widely available, it has become the prime choice within the global mix of energy sources. Solar panels only require sunlight for the electricity generation process. This is the reason why PV solar technology can provide energy security for every nation in the world, helping to reduce the tension and uncertainty that carbon-based energy sources often create.

Market Quotient researchers, expect global installations of solar power to grow between 43 GW and 65 GW .They have also analyzed that the global solar PV installations has grown by 60GW or 38% in 2015. Market Quotient predicts an accelerated growth for concentrator photo-voltaic and an increase in market-share of mono-crystalline silicon technology over poly-crystalline silicon, currently the leading semiconductor material used for solar cells. Solar power in California will provide more than 10 percent of the state’s annual power generation, higher than in Italy and Germany.

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