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Is The New Facebook AI A Reason For Privacy Concern?

  • By admin
  • June 3, 2016

The Artificial Intelligence system adopted by Facebook, enshrined as “DeepText” has faced rave reviews from one corner of the society while facing flak from the other.

Taking into context the reviews of different people, Outsource business research India Company Market Quotient, examined the various pros and cons of DeepText.

The Pros And Cons In Scrutinizing Detail:

The primary objective with which “DeepText” was actually launched was to combat cyber bullying and remove potentially harmful content from appearing on people’s feeds (for which Facebook has often been criticized).

Pornographic images, terrorist threats, stalking, violent images and bullying are some common unwanted activities that frequently occur. It often ends up in people’s feeds, or in groups, and as a post on the wall, or as an event. This could be potentially harmful for the audience especially if the person posting such material is a lover whose advances have been spurned, a criminal, a stalker or a bully.

AI removes such derogatory material before it actually hits people’s feeds. This could essentially stop harassment on the web or at least curtail it to a certain degree.

It was found that according to Facebook, AI has helped it to:

  • Filter through its content better.
  • Remove any damaging or vulgar/violent image or comment.
  • Help companies display their sales post format in a better manner.

As can be seen, AI could essentially provide us with a host of benefits that could actually compel additional people to connect and sign up for Facebook.

So where does the problem lie?

“Deeptext” makes sure that anything that you post is not offensive to the third party so that each post is analyzed before it reaches your feeds. People’s feeds are perpetually analyzed so that more of what they like is available to them, which is actually a good thing. According to Business research outsourcing the problem is not with Deeptext, the problem lies in the fact that there is no respect for privacy. Every move you make online is subject to scrutiny, every post is being analyzed, and as such, the very definition of privacy has been eroded.

Nonetheless, keeping the ‘privacy statement’ aside, as long as I am being provided with what I like on my feeds, and a wall that is free from spam, what reason have I to complain for?

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